10 Bedtime Habits That You Should Always Avoid

1. Not having a bedtime routine
Set up a routine before going to bed to teach your brain when is time to sleep, like brushing your teeth, washing your face etc.
2. Avoid drinking coffee 4 hours before going to bed
Caffeine is very bad and keep you awake for longer time.
3. Avoid certain sleeping positions
Experts advise sleeping on the left side as a better position for your body to rest.
4. Keep the electronic devices away from the bed
Scrolling on your phone or tablet before going to bed can have a very negative effect because the brightness from the screen prevents the brain from falling asleep.
5. Believe it or not, you should avoid books as well
Reading before bedtime is also known as a way to keep you awake for a longer period of time.
6. Don’t drink any fluids an hour before going to bed
Fluids make you go to the bathroom more often and it will disturb your sleep.
7. Avoid afternoon naps
Afternoon naps make you feel rested longer and your body doesn’t need sleep.It also chages your sleeping routine so try to avoid them.
8. Don’t sleep on a low-quality mattress
Quality mattresses are very important for a good night sleep. You will wake up rested and energized.
9. Don’t eat 2 hours before going to bed
When you lie down with a full stomach, you won’t fall asleep fast as the digestion process keeps the body awake.
10. Avoid exercising 3 hours before going to bed
When you exercise your body fills with adrenaline and this is the reason you can’t go to sleep quickly.
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