11 Golden Rules Of a Successful Blind Date

Everyone is different, everyone has their own plans and wishes, but everyone, sometimes even involuntarily, is looking for their soul mate. The passage of time, changes in human nature, blind dates are becoming more and more common, one can meet potential partners, lovers or find friends here. Why is this happening? Quite simply, communication and chat in social networks have caused most couples to get acquainted on the Internet, which is why almost everyone (at least once) makes a blind date.

Sometimes, people may become disoriented and start to get nervous, so much that they make many mistakes during blind dates. The sad experiences of friends often play a role. This kind of thought is deeply in my mind, and this person is suspected and doubted, which directly leads to a disastrous defeat.

A blind date is a lottery. You can win a million dollars in front of a beautiful husband or a good friend, and you can waste money and time in vain. Such a meeting should be regarded as an adventure. But of course, together with all of these, you need to prepare for a date, follow certain rules, and then the adventure will of course succeed:

#1. Be flexible in your expectations.

Remember, you do not know this person yet, and agreeing to date does not mean that this must be the love of your life. Going on a date is to spend a happy time and get to know a person, not to check whether he is suitable for your husband’s role. This will make you relax and the conversation will be better.

#2. Bug your matchmaker.

Let your mutual friends give you the email addresses of future dating partners. Write to him in a friendly tone. Don’t ask for his phone number and don’t meet right away. First send a few emails. The man should politely ask if he can date you.

#3. Standing a date up.

Don’t forget to tell the other party if you are late, or if you want to change the appointment date instead of the last time.

#4. Have a nice time.

It doesn’t matter if this person can be your future husband, just relax and try to enjoy your date.

#5. Don’t be rude.

If you don’t like it, just smile and finish the appointment. Inform this person that you have no contact, thank him and leave. It’s better to separate.

#6. Don not go away.

The blind date can be done in different ways, but in any case, it is necessary to thank this person for their time. If everything is fine, please exchange phone calls or schedule the next meeting. On the contrary, if you understand that this is your first and last meeting, you should honestly say that such a person will not have unreal fantasy.

#8. Dress smartly and casually.

Wear clothing that suits you: choose casual clothing for casual or leisure pastimes, and choose dresses for formal dates, such as dinner in a restaurant.

#9. Do not be fake.

One more thing, don’t forget to keep yourself, this is very important. One of the most common mistakes is that when a person wants to be better than himself, he begins to invent fables and exhibit undesirable behavior. If you continue to communicate, you will have to be open, which may cause you to be disappointed.

#10. Do not get overly sexual.

Even if you have a long conversation on the Internet, don’t rush to hug and kiss your knight on your first date. Further communication may disappoint you. In this case, it is difficult to explain your sudden cold. The best option is to smile warmly at the meeting, and finally, if all is well, you can kiss your partner on the cheek.

#11. Speak your mind at the end of the date.

Decide for the next meeting. If you really don’t feel attracted, it’s best to refuse politely. Since your mutual friends are involved, please do not postpone the decision until later, as it may cause problems.



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