33 Interesting Bedroom Tips For Women

Today, it seems that we know nothing about everything, but in fact, there are still many things that we don’t know and miss. The truth is, when it comes to your bedroom life, no one wants to reveal dirty secrets. However, the idea of ​​hiding things does not make you more confident or anything similar.

That’s why today we are talking about all the things that women must know, which will not only make their sex life easier, but also make their freedom more free. Therefore, here, we will introduce you to 30 bedroom tips that all women should know.

#1. Being all smooth and shaved matters for you and you only.

#2. The size matter but not actually how long – but how wide.

#3. All women masturbate, deal with it.

#4. The cuddling is not about women only.

#5. Look at his ring finger to know how long he is.

#6. Try out all the fantasies it is surely worth it.

#7. Porn may be dirty, but t definitely turns women on.

#8. Sex is better than yoga.

#9. Do not fake – it does not work.

#10. Wear some socks to get warmed up.

#11. A white lie is always the best.

#12. Sweat turns women on.

#13. Do not plan it.

#14. Do not listen to your friends much.

#15. Try phone sex.

#16. Take part in the process.

#17. Forget about the routine.

#18. Tell him when you are tired.

#19. Tell him that he pleases you well.

#20. He does not care about your granny panties.

#21. Money does not matter, but it surely helps the quality of sex.

#22. Do not forget about the kisses.

#23. Ladies first.

#24. If you do not have the orgasm every time- you are not the only one.

#25. Less sex – more work.

#26. Do not forget about the cleavage.

#27. Do not be afraid of taking the first step.

#28. He is not always ready, keep that in mind.

#29. If you get a few extra pounds, he will still love you.

#30. Play with the nipples.

#31. Try dirty talk.

#32. Make your dreams come true even dirty ones.

#33. No shower – no problem.

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