38 Things Girls Do, But Never Discuss…

It’s a fact that girl’s friendship is based on sharing and caring mostly. Girls want to talk about…everything! Details on the clothing, imprints on the dresses, fingernails…. the small things seem so huge when you find yourself in a “girl’s talk”.

However, there are certain things that not even sisters, nor best friends want to share…


  1. Girls really enjoy to dig out hairs that have ingrown in the skin, thus, purify their skin


  1. Making beautiful pieces of “hair art” on the shower walls from the hair that falls off during the shower time


  1. Having entire sessions with the tweezers where you get every single one, but the next day, suddenly realize you missed something…


  1. They find it quite satisfying to pull out stray hairs that get stuck in the bum crack


  1. Twiddling their pubes in a totally non-girly, nor attractive way.


  1. Owning a pair of scissors that are exclusively used for trimming the pubes


  1. Removing all their pubes and regretting it in the second, simply because they look like an “oversized baby”


  1. Having, and still not throwing away those old knickers where the pubes have managed to wear a hole through the front


  1. Enjoyably wearing these old panties and creating a little “pube ponytail” through-out the hole.


  1. Secretly thinking this is definitely a good look, but no one had the courage to promote it in public


  1. Wearing the same bra for at least a week.


  1. Wearing the special bra that goes with certain styles and dresses, but because of not wearing frequently, not even washing it frequently….


  1. Wearing old bras that are definitely the wrong size now, for the sake of good old times


  1. Removing all the pubes and then being freaked out by the naked look of their female parts… every single time!


  1. Removing all the pubes and suddenly realizing a whole unseen and sudden layer of fat was lying underneath that carpet…


  1. Removing all the pubes just to enjoy the fresh breeze


  1. Putting a bra in the washing basket, but wearing it again, because no other bar seems to fit the style…


  1. Closely examining the tampon after “ its time on the inside”


  1. Wearing a security sanitary towel as well as a tampon at the very same time, just for safety


  1. Getting the quite long, untrimmed pubes trapped in the pad’s “wings.”


  1. Playing with their own breasts in front of the mirror.


  1. Squishing the breasts together, wishing they could get a bra that does the job as half as good as their hands…


  1. Pushing their breasts up to their chins…just to see what they would look like in a corset, in those middle – aged days


  1. and at the same time, pushing their breasts downwards, just to see how they would look like after all the children and ages that have passed in their future possible outcome


  1. cheering up afterwards, celebrating it with the “breast dance” of their youth


  1. Only shaving their legs when they know for sure that they’re going to be showing


  1. And then only shaving the parts that will show…


  1. Shaving their toes


  1. Being happy when they go for a lower-leg wax and get their toes done, without asking….but still, there’s the feeling of “slightly insulted and proud” underneath that happiness


  1. Eating a piece of food right after getting it out from the cleavage


  1. Using the bra as pockets, because women’s jeans pockets are completely useless, except to show off the nice silhouette of the legs


  1. Storing something in the bra, forgetting about it, and only remembering it after taking the bra out…mostly in front of the partner…


  1. Mastering in the sensei- technique of taking off the bra without removing the top


  1. And doing this pretty much every time, though there’s time to do it the “normal way”


  1. Plucking out the nipple hairs…. Veery patiently!


  1. plucking out the hairs around the belly button… thinking how they connect “the roads” with the lady parts


  1. Quite enjoying popping a spot


  1. Scratching the bits, sniffing out just to make sure everything is quite OK down there…


Do you agree?

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