7 Kissing Positions To Improve The Quality of Your Foreplay

Think back to the first time you kissed someone. Probably not so good. Now, try to think about the kisses since then. Over time, you might get better, right? If not, it is really sad, this article is definitely for you. But even if you think the kissing game is coming, you need to know that there is always room for improvement.

Even if you grow up, you must still take kissing seriously. Of course, sex and sex will definitely become the focus. But you still can’t take kissing for granted. You cannot discount. You must know that this should still be an important part of any humanity program.
Remember the days of first base? Those late nights, when your parents go to bed, sit on the sofa and hold your obsession, hoping that he can lie down in the middle of “all of her” and then plant one on you? As we grow older, the urge to be kissed tends to fall into the shadows, because the spotlight turns to be placed. But kissing is still an important part of sex. “First of all, kissing is sex. This is one of the many ways we express our sexuality.
And you should not forget that the mouth and mouth are actually full of nerve endings. This is also based on the statement of certified sex therapist Emily de Ayala. The manipulation and stimulation of these nerves is actually very important in creating a certain sense of sexual intimacy. She added: “Many people are guilty of getting into sexual intercourse too quickly, but spending more time in company can create miracles, stimulate sexual pleasure and increase the intimacy of interpersonal relationships.” If you are interested in taking the kissing game to the next level, then you should try these poses.

1. The Side-by-Side Kiss

This may be the kissing position for many first kisses. This is the common kissing position of a couple. They sit side by side on a park bench, overlooking the scenery, watching TV on the sofa, or watching a movie screen on the seats in the cinema.

2. The Soft Hickey

Gentle ice hockey is always a good way to enhance sex. Gently suck your partner’s skin, and there will be a natural sense of sexiness and romance. This is a kiss, and at the same time it arouses love and passion. Make sure to keep this gentle.

3. The Chest-to-Chest Kiss

This is one of the most basic but also the most effective kissing positions. This is when you two are standing face to face. When your hands pass through different parts of each other’s body, both sides lock themselves in a passionate kiss. Let your breasts touch each other, adding some extra spice and intimacy.

4. The Girl-on-Top Kiss

Whenever you two lie in bed and kiss, it is always so sexy. But ideally, you want girls to be in a leading position in this situation. This man is always more likely to handle the weight of women.

5. The Tongue-Only Kiss

Hey, there is a reason called French kiss, right? If the French knows one thing, it must love it. Therefore, don’t be afraid to use your tongue to exchange some saliva with your partner.

6. The “I Must Have You” Kiss

This is a kiss that requires no words at all. When you two met, you immediately fell into a deep and passionate embrace between each other. This is the “I must have you” kiss. Before that, you want to lock your lips together before you even think about doing anything else.

7. The Spiderman Kiss

If you are reading this article, you may not have been bitten by a radioactive spider that allows you to hang upside down from the web. You may already be familiar with the Spider-Man movie shot with Tobey Maguire and the amazing kiss he shared with Kirsten Dunst. However, you do not have to hang from the ceiling to perform this kiss. You just need to lie down. Let her kiss you with the top of her head facing your feet.


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