7 Simple Things Women Should And Shouldn’t Do After S*x

How much do you know about sexual safety and hygiene? Possibilities must be, good, safe, and oh uh! You should probably keep the lower parts hygienic.

These are all correct, but do you know the specific sexual intercourse? Because some things should be considered before and after having sex to prevent infection.

#1. Sexy lingerie doesn’t mean healthy lingerie.

Underwear made of nylon, polyester or any other synthetic material looks coveted, but it does not work well because it prevents bacteria from breathing, rather than allowing the skin to breathe. Choose cotton underwear instead.

#2. No wet wipes.

When we are unable to use the shower or running water immediately, wet wipes will always come in handy. Well, this is not always the case; it’s just that the chemicals and spices in the wet wipes will stimulate your private parts after not having sex.

#3. No soap.

This may surprise you, but soap and shower gel will not help your vagina much. All you need is water, because your vagina has its own self-cleaning mechanism, any cosmetic agent will affect the pH and cause irritation and dryness.

#4. Always let yourself dry off after you take a shower.

Blowing driving is also possible. Similarly, excessive moisture and warmth are hotbeds of infection, so before putting on your underwear, make sure that your private parts are not damp.

#5. Hot water bath is not your friend.

Bathing after sex is OK, but don’t fill the bathtub. Hot water is a little more open than usual to stimulate the vagina, which can create a portal for infection.

#6. Hydration, hydration, hydration.

Sex is a sport, right? Your body loses water, so be sure to add water. One or two glasses of water are enough.

#7. Visit the loo after having sex.

Your warm and humid private area is the ideal environment for bacterial infections, and sex life is the ideal way for bacteria to enter the body and reproduce. Urine helps to cleanse bacteria naturally.

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