7 Tips About What Men Desire In Bed

The couple hid many secrets in the bedroom, and no one dared to reveal these secrets, which is not wrong. However, there are unknown secrets and desires here, which is nothing. When we end a love relationship, we will naturally discuss your wishes and expectations, especially in your private life, but not everyone can give them everything, especially men.
It is time to control the situation and we will help you succeed. The problem is that men have at least eight things they want to lie in bed, but they are afraid to talk. They are here:
The fantasy
Of course, your fantasy may be different or similar, but unless you discuss it, you will never know.
He is not always on
The problem is that sometimes he doesn’t really intervene, and you either control the situation or use it to replace other things.
Routines are sometimes good, but sometimes you like to be spontaneous, so so is he, which is why being surprised by something routine only makes things interesting between you two.
He also felt it with his eyes, which is why it is never a bad idea to try the bedroom look.
The participation
Of course, he may be the leader of the process, but you must also be involved. The more active you are, the better this process will be for you both.
The pose
Men like different poses, because one pose will bore them, so remember this.
Your likes
Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what a woman likes and dislikes. This is why if you tell him your wishes and desires directly-he will be grateful.
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