According To Buddhism These Are The 3 Evils

Buddhism is the way to practice and spiritual development that leads to enlightenment. This approach is friendly, honest and open to others. According to Buddhism, there are three major evils: hatred, ignorance and greed. Everyone should avoid these evils in the journey of enlightenment.

This religion was founded by Siddharta Goutama, which is practiced by millions of people all over the world, especially Asians. Buddhists understand their nature and find harmony through meditation. In the process of seeking spiritual enlightenment, they strive to become more friendly and compassionate.

Buddhism promotes non-violence and peace as universal messages, and does not approve of any form of violence or destruction of life. This religion believes that our past behavior will affect us, and our current behavior will affect us. This is why living honestly and avoiding the following three evils:


Hate is a destructive and demonic emotion. This emotion makes you feel very angry. Hate is a poison that can destroy you. The only way to avoid destruction is to control your negative emotions and suppress anger and stimulation. Fill your heart with love and learn how to forgive.


Greed is a selfish desire to own something. The main reason for greed is that we cannot let go of what we like. It can be wealth, power,  people, money,and food. Greed will never make you think you are enough, and it will make you work harder to destroy you.

It is important to practice self-discipline and appreciate everything you have now, because this is the only way to enlightenment.


You may think that ignorance is happiness, but this is not true. Buddhists believe that ignorance is deception and blindness. This evil will tell you that a carefree life is a good thing, but you should find a way out of the unknown darkness and become a compassionate and kind person.

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