Anemia – a Disease With Many Faces

Anemia not only means a pale complexion, but reduced hemoglobin. The disease is related to a reduction in the number of red blood cells (erythrocytes) in the blood. As a result, all organs have suffered because all organs begin to feel that they lack the necessary substances. We quote some important tips from Russian experts-what to eat, how to increase iron intake and how to make “iron apples”.
In the first stage of the disease, except for a certain degree of weakness and fatigue, there was no anemia, but then the process went so fast that the treatment was practically useless. Previously, anemia was not treated at all, so it was considered a malignant disease. Unfortunately, anemia today can only be treated if you seek medical treatment as soon as possible. However, the fact is that even in big cities, there are great opportunities for diagnosis, and people would rather delay until they cannot tolerate insomnia before resuming.
There are several types of anemia. The most common are small cell anemia (iron deficiency) and anemia lacking vitamin B12. In addition to poor diet, the main risk factors for the occurrence of anemia are periods of intensive growth in children and adolescents, heavy bleeding (except during regular labor, delivery, and surgery), orgasm, and pregnancy.
In all these cases, the body’s demand for iron increases. Moreover, if the mother suffers from anemia, the newborn’s blood will also lack hemoglobin, which will definitely have an adverse effect on his health and overall development. During pregnancy, the mother’s body consumes about 600 milligrams of iron in total. However, if a woman gave birth to a second and third child and paused for a moment, the iron store was actually exhausted because they were not infinite.

The anemia pays homage to the men

Men are better than women. They only lose one milligram of iron per day, so they rarely face anemia, but they cannot bypass them. Intense physical labor, injury, illness, stress, fatigue…even cause excessive consumption of sexual iron, and even lead to anemia.

How to reveal anemia at an early stadium

In anemia that lacks vitamin B12, vitamin B12 particularly affects “pure” vegetarians and vegans. The affected characters look very bad: they have pale faces and pale yellow shadows, and usually feel cold toes and fingers (Besides, their fingers often tremble and sometimes melt), and then muscle aches, cramps, smell and taste problems, and weak tongue.
In addition, followed by weakened immunity and frequent colds and gastritis. After this stage, if nothing is done, and the patient does not go to the doctor, the disease will form a “hole” in the memory, and then evolve to completely disappear, while also interfering with the spatial direction, thereby transferring to partial and total paralysis, And complete muscle atrophy.
The very rare form of anemia-hemolysis-is caused by the destruction of red blood cells. Hemolytic anemia may be hereditary and acquired, such as tetraethyl lead poisoning, which is added to gasoline due to the increase in octane number. When red blood cells are destroyed, a special substance called bilirubin is produced, which makes the skin and mucous membranes yellow.
For example, when you are stuck in a traffic jam, you will inflate the gas and feel weak and dizzy, and your skin will show an unhealthy yellow tone. Fortunately, this manifestation of hemolytic anemia is temporary. However, the most common anemia is related to iron deficiency. If iron loss begins to exceed its coverage in the body, the level of hemoglobin in the blood will fall below the minimum limit of 120 mg/l.
Then, there will be less red blood cells than necessary: ​​4 x 1.012 per liter for men and 3 x 1.012 per liter for women. The hypoxic organs and tissues suffer as a result, so their work is disturbed.

Bring iron into the blood in a quick and simple way

One of the most common causes of anemia is due to a lack of iron in the blood. This type of anemia is called iron-scar muscular anemia. It usually occurs due to insufficient input or reduced absorption of this mineral. It exists in infants and children until the third year of age. It also occurs in pregnant and lactating women, or in women with many or very long menstrual cycles. Some people, despite ingesting iron-containing foods, lack this mineral in their blood.

Nature Min is a wonderful way to make sure your body receives all the minerals that it needs to function normally.

In addition to ingesting iron-containing products, you will also import other minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc, selenium, and many other important minerals. All the minerals needed by the human body can only be collected in one capsule.

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In order to find the deficiency of this important trace element, it is enough to conduct a general analysis on the blood of the finger. However, even satisfactory results do not guarantee that you have no underlying iron deficiency. In this case, blood analysis seems to be okay, and the signs of anemia are already obvious.
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