Fighting Couples Actually Love Each Other More !

Since the very beginning of human communication, it is true that boys and girls who fight each other, have bigger interest for something they still don’t understand.


Even married couples, in a survey, claim that fighting is a sign of a healthy relationship – arguments are the place to prove a point, to disagree with big future decisions and to actually make a common plan where is your life and relationship going.


But, it’s not good if the verbal fight escalates into another level…

Fighting is a sign of a mature relationship


If you avoid conflicts, you clearly avoid to speak your mind, because you’ve seen that you disagree on a big level with your partner. Avoiding that doesn’t mean you’ll stay together longer, the fantasy will break when you decide to be yourself.

Fighting makes communicating easier


Remember you first fight with your partner? Up until than everything was smooth, but after that, a burden fell off your shoulders, knowing you made it through and stayed together. A sooth sea never made an experienced sailor. Since in argues we tend to speak most honestly, it really copes with the feeling of intimacy, trust and connection.

Fighting is caring for your partner


Very logical, if you don’t care for someone, you won’t be interested to change their mind or beliefs. Remember how often you ought to find with your parents and siblings? Simply because in the closest family, everyone cares. Arguing is a sign you and your partner are really committed to each other and your relationship goals.

Fighting makes the connection stronger


Since you’re most honest and most vulnerable when you argue, you literally put yourself out there without any reserves. Also, these conflicts make you learn about each other the most – how every side copes with stress and difficulty and hard choices. In this way, you will learn a very valuable lesson for a healthy relationship – from time to time, compromises must be made

Fighting relieves resentment


Being single and being with someone, even if you truly love them, is simply not the same. Boundaries and compromises must be made, because you won’t be able to always do what you want, when you want it.


At those times, you will feel resentment towards your partner, which is normal, because the ego is working somewhere in the background. If you don’t lose your nerves sometime, your resentment will just grow bigger, not letting it go out in the blue and discuss what you really want. Suppressing is never a good idea!

Fighting is more similar to passion than you could ever imagine


Arguments increase the hormone level. You’re more passionate to prove a point to your partner than to your neighbor.  Plus, the bigger the argument, the better the make up after the argument, am I right?

Fighting saves a couple from getting bored


living in the pink world, a smooth sailing relationship, never arguing about what to eat for dinner, which movie to watch, when to go out or stay at home… will just feel single again, since there’s no one from the other side to make a different decision than yours. Constructive conflicts may fuel the spark of your relationship and make it more exciting.


And when you fight, always have respect for the other side. Don’t be pushy or selfish. Always:


Stick to the point

Respect the other side

Apologize if you went too far

Never appeal to third sides

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