Get Rid Of All Flies And Mosquitoes Forever: You Do Not Need To Waste A Fortune You Only Need These 3 Ingredients!

Forget about all the expensive, heinous and poisons against flies and mosquitoes.

With the coming of warmer days, a great problem in the home is created by various insects: flies, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. Also, they are very difficult to get rid of them, once they enter the house.

Many people in this case usually call exterminators when they notice these bugs at home. However, there is an easy and cheap way to eliminate them by yourself.

All you need are these three ingredients that you already have at your home:

– half a cup of vegetable oil
– half a cup of some shampoo
– half a cup of vinegar


Add all the ingredients to the spray bottle and mix well, then sprinkle various surfaces in your home. The mixture is not toxic and is safe for use around children and pets, and is very effective against bugs of any kind.

Additional tips:

Mosquitoes are most active early in the morning and in the evening. At that time, keep the windows and doors closed or covered with curtains to prevent them from entering a smooth entrance into your home.

Regularly change the water for pets

Make sure that you do not have water in the garden or house for a longer period of time. Change the water for pets at least every other day. Also, clean your garden’s items which could, for example, hold rainwater.

Flies poorly see red color and doesn’t like mint

Flies, like most insects, avoid mint scent. So, hold a few twigs in the kitchen. If you are about to buy flypaper, choose a red color because flies poorly see items in red color.

Water with soap against the fleas in the carpet

Fleas that you jump around the house you can catch them with wide shallow pan half-filled with water and soap. Put it on the floor and lighten it up with a flashlight. Fleas will jump to the light and land in the water. The layer of soap will prevent them to come out, no matter how they try.


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