He Always Clips a Clothespin on The Air Conditioning Vent In His Car. The Reason? Unbelievable!

We all want our car to smell as good as our home. In order to achieve this, lots of people spend money on expensive candles and air fresheners that are full of toxic materials which can endanger your health. However, did you know that a simple clothespin could improve the scent of your car?

Take a couple of wooden clothespins and put several drops of some essential oil of your choice on them, then stick them anywhere in the house and in the air vents of your car. This very cheap method is going to instantly make your car smell nice. Once the smell fades away, you just need to put a few drops again and everything is going to smell fresh again! Here are some other tricks that will make your house smell very nice:

Garbage disposal

Drop a slice of lemon in the disposal machine, and then grind it so as to make the disposal smell fresh.

Trash bins

Line your trash bin with some newspapers which are going to absorb the odors from garbage and can be disposed of when you’re throwing out your trash.


Pre-heat the oven at 300 C and put two teaspoons of vanilla extract in some ceramic cup inside. Leave the cup for one hour and your entire house is going to smell nice.

Take a look at the following video to see 10 uses for all-natural DIY air fresheners:


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