How to Look Rested When You Have Insomnia

It’s not important if you are dealing with occasional or chronic insomnia, either way it can take a toll on your appearance. That tired and weary look could make you feel low self-consciousness. No one wants to walk around looking like some character from “The Walking Dead.” The good news is that there are some things you can do to help mask the effects of going through the day without a lot of sleep.

Shower and moisturize


Gathering up the energy to shower when you are feeling dead on your feet is a must in order to help rid yourself of a no-sleep appearance. Take a quick warm shower and use an exfoliating brush on your body. You can also use a gentle exfoliating wash on your face. This will help to brighten your skin, especially if it’s pale from the lack of sleep. After showering, you need to moisturize your skin, because lack of sleep is dehydrating and is causing the skin to look more wrinkled.

Puffy eyes


To reduce the eye puffiness, you need to apply a cold compress to them. Use refrigerated tea bags, metal spoons that have been refrigerated, or cucumber slices. Each one of these work well to reduce puffy eyes.

Dark circles


While the circles under your eyes aren’t caused by the sleep deficiency, going out without sleep makes shadows and hollows under your eyes to appear more obvious. In order to reduce the signs, apply cold compresses and put yellow-toned concealer under your eyes. Also you might use nasal washes or sprays if your nose is stuffy so as to minimize veins and capillaries under the eyes.

Red eyes


In case your eyes are shouting to others that you have had minimal sleep, use some eye drops to reduce the redness. Also you can apply warm compresses to the eyes to reduce the size of the blood vessels. If you are a woman with red eyes, you can distract from them by simply wearing blue liner on upper inner lash line, as well as white, grey or blue shadows and black mascara.

Other helpful hints


To look more awake when you wake up, when you are in bed you can also lay on your back for a while. That will reduce the face puffiness and sleep lines. You should also limit the coffee and alcohol intake. Both dehydrate the skin, cause the blood vessels to enlarge, and make the skin look puffy and flushed. Increasing water intake before bed and in the morning is going to help rehydrate your skin and your entire body.

One last tip


The best thing you can do about your appearance, however, is to go to the root problem of what is causing your sleepless nights and to treat it. Insomnia is not only affecting what you can see – like your appearance –it can take a toll on your body and mind as a whole, and it also can cause problems in most all areas of life.

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