Never Forget To Water Your Plants Again With a Simple Ice Cube Watering Trick

There are many people who are a notorious over watering the plants. You fill up your watering can and just have it, because clearly your garden needs water, right? But just how much water is too much or too little? The care instructions can also tend to be a bit vague when it comes to the quantity of water each plant needs. What does “moderate watering” actually means? Plus, some plants need different amounts of water and drainage than others.

Luckily the answer to your garden woes is just in your freezer.

Using ice cubes as an alternative of water has actually become not only a popular trend, but also a very handy DIY hack that every gardener needs to know. Let’s break it down.

How It Works

Clearly, it doesn’t take a scientist to know that ice cubes melt into water – but it does take s clever gardener to know how to use that ice cube to up their green-thumb game.

Ice cubes are a great slow-release watering system, and they allow your plants enough time to absorb all of the water that they need without it running off or passing through too quickly. Using ice cubes as a substitute of the traditional watering method can also save you some money in the long run since you won’t be wasting as much water.

When You Should Use Ice Cubes

Not all the plants are going to take too kindly to this new watering method, especially those plants that actually do need that much water or if they require less drainage. You need to know that plants in direct sunlight tend to need more water caused by the quickly evaporating of the water, so using this ice cube trick may not be in your best interest when it comes to those specific plants.

However, indoor plants such as orchids and some of those hard-to-reach hanging planters are going to absolutely LOVE the ice cubes. Try sticking your finger into the soil so as to see if your plant has gotten enough water. If the first 2 inches of the soil are damp, they’ve received plenty of water for that day.

We recommend keeping track of how many ice cubes it takes to thoroughly water your plants and carefully observe your plant’s leaves. In case you notice excessive runoff or sudden drooping, you could be adding too many ice cubes.

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