No heels-no pain! Right?

Every woman wants to wear heals. But the habit of wearing them very often is not quite a healthy one. Wearing heels for special occasions, small heels at the office, where you don’t stand too long, is quite ok.

But wearing high heels daily might bring you back pain and swollen feet. Also, sportswear is more and more present on the fashion stage lately, combining sneakers with dresses, flats and long dresses etc.

Not only from the fashionable aspect, but also from an aspect of your overall health, ditching the high heels for a while actually can bring you more benefits.

1. Relieve tensed musclesAccording to the Journal of Applied Physiology, “shelving your high heels may increase the length of your legs. Obviously, your legs won’t grow, but the calf muscles will begin to stretch out after you settle for a pair of flats”. So, faking the length of your legs with heels is actually preventing you from really making them look nicer and longer.

2. Release the painstrained knees, pain in your calf, swollen feet, no room for the little finger on your feet…these all well-known problems of daily heels wearing. This also comes because the center of gravity your body normally has, is forcefully moved and the tendons are under a lot of stress.

3. Better balance and faster walking – due to the different muscles used to walk and keep a straight walk when wearing heels, you disrupt your natural body balance.  Also, the strength of the feet muscles on the side and in the front of the foot is different. This also leads to instability and disbalance. Not to talk about watching your every step of the road and putting an extra, extra effort to be in time when walking on those six-inches

4. It’s SAFER – there is a rise in injuries caused by wearing high heels, according to a study conducted by the University of Alabama in Birmingham. I know that women risk everything for beauty, but why even your health?


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