Risky symptoms that appear in women in menopause!

Symptoms that appear in menopause are known, but sometimes you need to pay attention to some of them.

Hormonal changes are common symptoms that plague women, usually after the age of 50. Among them are frequent sweating, hair loss, and all of the very known, the menopause. There are some symptoms that appear in the menopause that women need to pay special attention to.

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Increased menstruation

The menstrual cycle in menopause is changing. Menstruation can sometimes be regular, and in some months it will be missed. This can happen for ten years until menopause passes.

However, if you experience severe bleeding, if you get a menstrual period of less than 3 weeks, or if starts to bleed after a sexual intercourse, then it’s a serious problem. Some of these symptoms show the risk of polyps, myomas, or cervical cancer.

Hair loss – when it’s time to alert

When the level of estrogen falls, many women can notice that their hair is falling as well. This is especially important if someone in the family had a genetic predisposition to hair loss in those years when the menopause occurs.

However, if you notice very often hair loss, especially when washing your hair, it’s certainly a problem. It may be related to the work of the thyroid gland, or it is a hyperactive or hypoactive thyroid gland. Indicators may also be abrupt changes in weight, body aches, tiredness, or memory problems.

Unwanted or depressed

In a menopause, a woman undergoes major changes in the mood. From tears to laughing and back in a very short period of time. You have changes in sleep, that is, insomnia, as well as night sweats, which are the causes of fatigue. Tiredness can lead to a new disorder.

However, one thing is if you are anxious nervousness, sadness or tension, which is not that serious. Another thing is if you experience clinical symptoms of depression. That is:

  • Feeling of helplessness
  • The absence of any desire for an activity
  • Sleep disorder, from insomnia to endless sleep
  • Feeling of worthlessness
  • Bad thoughts

If you have a feeling that you are close to these symptoms or you already have them, then there are serious clinical symptoms of depression.

Menopause inconvenience can be the cause of hormonal changes and the need for specific nutrients.

Natural products are certainly the best solution, which will contribute to the hormonal balance of the body, and will help you to feel good at all times!

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