6 Signs You’re In A Fake Relationship

Our relationship determines whether we are with parents, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc., but there is a relationship that is the most important one, and should be the top priority in your life, that is, with your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend relationship. This relationship has more space in your mind than other relationships, but what if the result turns out to be false? You will be shattered and unable to believe in reality. It is best to find out whether the relationship is fake or true before serious participation. We will tell you some signs from which you can discover false relationships.

No Future or Immediate Plans/Concerns

This is the greatest indication that the relationship is fake! If you don’t discuss or even talk about it casually, how can you build or live together? In a true love relationship, couples can see their lives by talking about their future, celebrations or worries or problems in front of them. And in a fake relationship, a couple avoids talking about the future. If your partner delays and avoids discussions about your future, it means that he or she is not serious!


You have changed a lot!

A clear red flag! If you can’t naturally show yourself to your partner and shape yourself according to their personality, then this relationship is not true. In a real relationship, your partner will accept your way of doing things and have all your shortcomings, and you will do the same! They didn’t try to change you a lot, but just co-exist perfectly, you can too!

No special moments

When you love someone, even if you don’t do anything specific with others, every moment with them is special! If you can’t find these special moments, and you always feel “normal”, then you may not have a real relationship or you may not be in love! The feeling you get when you love someone cannot be defined by words, and this relationship can only last if the love is unusual.

Plenty of fight

Fighting in a romantic relationship is normal, but the struggle has always been a sign of a fake relationship. If you want to end the relationship in every battle, this is another good reminder! You blame each other for ruining the day or relationship. If your partner does not want to solve problems with you, then this is definitely an indicator of a false relationship. In a real relationship, both partners try to understand everything while considering each other’s views.


Sex can be the “cherry” on the cake, not the whole cake! It is certainly an important part of intimacy, but it is not the only purpose. If only the body can unite the two of you, then this is not a good sign. Of course, this does not mean having passion and fantasy. However, the explanation for love and union may be more than physical intimacy!

Public affection

Too much public sentiment may mean that one thing “shows off”. If you two are competing with each other, that is another matter, and you really don’t care who is watching! However, as long as you pretend to love each other, show yourself to others, and prove that you are in a healthy and fulfilling love relationship (actually fighting privately at home), that must be an important sign of a fake relationship.


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