Sleeping Habits Of Couples Reveal Facts About Their Relationships

Recently, at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, the results of research in the field of psychology were presented, proving the following points: the posture taken by a partner during a common sleep will immediately reflect any changes in the relationship between the couple.
In this case, what matters is not where people go to sleep, but where they sleep and wake up. Overnight, we can turn 100 times. It is hot in some poses and uncomfortable in others. However, psychologists are convinced that despite the inconvenience, the unconsciously taken posture or the posture to fall asleep can reflect our personality, experience and can fully explain the family relationship.
Naturally, there are exceptions in all cases: if you usually fight at night, then do not feel that your partner is sleeping in the distance. Therefore, let us look at your sleeping posture and your sleeping habits to illustrate your love relationship:
The ’Honeymoon Hug’ position
In this position, the lover usually sleeps, someone who starts dating only a short time later, or someone who has to get along for a long time.
The ’Dialogue’ position
Couples with strong spiritual connections usually prefer this position. However, it also shows that they want to spend more time communicating with each other.
The ’Stargazing’ position
The couple has a harmonious and peaceful relationship. Due to the fact that one partner is constantly forced to adapt to another partner, it may cause inconvenience to you.
The ’Sweetheart’s Cradle’ position
This is typical for couples who are used to taking care of each other without hesitation.
The ’I Cherish You’ position
These people are very happy. Lovers who respect each other’s private space usually sleep in this position.
The ’Liberty’ position
Both sides are enthusiastic individualists, and each of them needs a lot of personal space.
The ’King of the Bed’ position
Their behavior in love relationships is somewhat selfish, similar to the way they lie in bed when they sleep.
The ‘Spoons’ position
The pose indicates a harmonious and passionate relationship.
The ’Loose Spoons’ position
Couples still choose a comfortable “fish mouth” posture, but give each other more freedom.
The ’Leg Hug’ position
Usually, couples who have peace and trust prefer to sleep in this position.
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