The Asian Diet: What Nearly Half Of The World’s Population Is Eating

It is worth noting that Asians are less overweight than Europeans and Americans. At the same time, as scientists have pointed out, Asians consume no less calories than people in other regions.
Developers of special Asian diets recommend that you eat foods that are low in fat and contain many complex carbohydrates. Generally, this technique is not a fortified diet to lose weight quickly. It can be called the daily diet idea, it has formed a new lifestyle.
The basis of the Asian diet is rice and vegetables, cooked in a variety of ways
This is very traditional for Asian cuisine because Asia is the main crop. It contains some carbohydrates and has a caloric value of about 120 calories (if boiled in purified water).
The Asian diet for weight loss strongly recommends eating brown or wild rice
These varieties have not been so thoroughly processed and contain fiber as well as many useful minerals and trace elements. You need to cook brown rice longer than usual white rice.
It is better to eat cooked vegetables than raw ones
The diet’s developers explained this suggestion: raw (especially cold) food requires the human body to work hard to heat it. This slows down the metabolism process and may have an adverse effect on weight loss. Boiling natural gifts can reduce the burden on the digestive system, on the contrary, the availability of useful biological substances contained in it will increase.
It is impossible to exclude food rich in animal fats completely
The Asian method recommends eating chicken or turkey once a week and red meat (lamb or beef) once a month, no more than 100 grams. Make sure to include fish and seafood, preferably lunch and dinner.
Drink green tea every day
Green tea is a major drink for Asians, helping to accelerate the burning of fat tissue, improve the nervous system, reduce fatigue, and increase bone density. Observe the rules and drink at least one or two glasses of this drink every day, but do not add sugar and other sweeteners.
Avoid excessive consumption of dairy products
A large amount of animal fat violates the principle of this diet. Maintain a balanced diet. The author of the Asian method claims that it is important not only to eat properly but also to live in harmony with yourself and the world around you.
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