The Simplest Remedy For Headaches And High Blood Pressure It Takes About 5 Minutes To Prepare, And It Lasts For Days

Headache is a problem that annoys many people’s daily lives. A common cause of this is the sudden rise in blood pressure, which causes spasm of the blood vessels.

Of course, appropriate medicines can eliminate this problem, but before reaching for the pills, try this proven folk remedy, which we have prepared for you today.

If you haven’t tried salted headaches before, and it often appears to you, then this is the right natural solution for you. Everything is so simple, easy, with ingredients available, and the effect of home remedies is the same as on medicines, but with no side effects.

How to cure headache with saline solution

Necessary ingredients

250 ml of water, heated to 60 ° C – 70 ° C

2 teaspoons salt

Wide piece of gauze


The salt dissolves in water, resulting in an 8% saline solution.

While the water cools down, prepare the lining. Fold the bandage into 8 layers so that its width is appropriate to the width of your forehead, covering the same. Thoroughly wash your forehead, ears and neck with warm water. Then immerse the bandage in the cooled saline solution, twist and wrap it around your head.

Secure it with a cloth or elastic band. Immediately afterwards, you can lie down and relax while the lining works. It can stay on your head for 15 hours, which is recommended before bedtime.

This natural and home-based treatment is recommended much more than the medicines, as it has no side effects and its action is much longer lasting.

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