The top 9 kinds of women who make guys go crazy

The question about which type of woman and man likes most is as old as the world itself. The problem is that there is no one-size-fits-all woman, and different men prefer all kinds of women. However, there are still some things in common in attracting people who dream of a, you can definitely try it.

To be honest, we collected the ten most attractive women. We agree that some of them may be surprising, but you can always stick to your preferences and find the best image for you, or you can try to find out which type is most successful.

#1. Child

Men like to be strong and take care of their children-what could be more lovely than this? However, you should not go too far in the role, because although fun and cute, but sometimes men will prefer mature women.

#2. Mystery

Men like mysterious women, because it’s great to keep discovering about women you think you know. There are some secrets around you!

#3. Nymphomaniac

Men like to have sex, which is why they often lose their minds when they meet as many women as they have sex with.

#4. Shy

Some men like shy and naive women. If you are one of them, there is nothing to be ashamed of, because innocent people are more valuable today than ever before.

#5. Active

Nowadays, all women try to be as active as possible and tell you the truth about many men!

#6. Naughty girl

This only works in your bedroom activities, otherwise men are less interested in naughty ladies.

#7. Confident

This type attracts men because it’s nice that someone depends on you from time to time. But for women, it is important not to take advantage, otherwise you may scare away men.

Credit – Freepic

#8. Mother

Everyone is an adult child, which is why he always needs a caring mother to be by his side, but you should not overdo it here.

#9. Diva

Of course, men are head over heels about such ladies, but they are usually afraid of them at the same time. That is why if you are one of them – you better give him a sign.


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