Things Not To Discuss With Men

What topics do men not want to mention in conversations with women? This article lists simple rules for communicating with men. Women love talking. Especially with men. However, if you are absolutely frank, sometimes it is better to stop in this beautiful profession.

How to understand that ladies are better to just smile and stay silent? What topics should not be discussed in a dialogue with increased sexual desire? The experts decided to talk about this with the man. You can see the most common ideas below.

Beautiful ladies, follow some simple rules and you will have a chance to be a perfect couple. They will help you avoid breaking good relationships and become more intimate with your partner. There are eight main rules, you are here:

#1. Do not talk about your ex-boyfriends.

Lovely girls, as long as you believe in the happiness of your family, if the topic about your ex-boyfriend is still not public, it would be even better. Please, let us not provide any detailed information. If you don’t respect the previous person, then a person may immediately ask a few reasonable questions: “Why should you date him, if he is so bad? If we break up, will you say the same thing to me?” Even more The bad thing is: “Maybe the ex-boyfriend said he left you, right?”

If you start talking about the ex-boyfriend too good things, it may cause doubt that you are still thinking about him. Remember how your boyfriend feels when he mentions his ex-girlfriend.

#2. Do not be enthusiastic about other men in the presence of your man.

No, it’s natural to appreciate others and their talents, but you don’t need to do this demonstration when communicating with your men. Your partner will immediately feel that you admire someone more than he can even think you are comparing him to someone who disapproves of him. No one likes to compare.

#3. Do not try to be clever, when you do not understand the topic.

Don’t be arrogant when communicating with men. In general, regardless of gender, don’t consider yourself better or more interesting than others. When the girl does not really understand something, but argues about something, especially the funny expression. This is a deliberate failure strategy. When a lady urged to discuss a topic where a man was not very strong, the man still did not like it.

Especially when men make it clear that we should not discuss this further, and women will not stop to press their feet. Men should feel good, but the ladies themselves don’t realize that they sometimes put their boyfriends in an awkward situation. By the way, an embarrassing situation: don’t ask this person how much money. Especially if a woman has a higher income and wants to emphasize this in various ways. This extra knowledge will not help anyone, and you will never be praised again. It will only cause chaos in your already fragile relationship. Please pay attention to the following question: Why do you need other questions in the relationship?

#4. His family is a taboo.

Under no circumstances should you take a negative attitude towards his friends and close friends, especially his mother. Don’t tell your man that all his friends are very bored. Commenting on your partner’s appearance is very subtle, especially if you think he needs to make some changes. Remember, how painful you feel about the address criticism. This is also related to his hobby. Even if you think he is just wasting time, please keep silent.

#5. Leave details.

You don’t need to tell the boys how often you are removing hair, inject botulinum toxin, or consult a beautician. You should leave health and hygiene issues to a very private conversation with friends. The less he knows, the better his sleep will be.

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#6. Public humiliation is bad

Men don’t like being mocked or mocked by women in public places. Usually, it won’t be under any circumstances. Men, like women, represent them like kings in public, fearing their wives without fear of their opinions. Men are very fragile and vulnerable creatures.

#7. Silence is gold

Always remember this and smile.



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