Top 4 Things Men Want But Don’t Ask For

Women spend time learning what they want, and develop egoistic demands. Therefore, we sometimes forget that it may be difficult for men to tell us what they think. Just because he didn’t make it clear, it doesn’t mean your guy won’t wait for you anymore. Think about the following four things your man might desire to express:
When you get praise, don’t you love it? Okay, your guy wants to hear the same kind of news from you! Society makes men feel that they need to adopt a strong and confident attitude, but from a deeper perspective, they are like everyone. Feeling that their achievements and characteristics are recognized is an important improvement to their self-esteem. You can think of it as daily work. Try to point out 3 things you like every day and observe his physical growth!
Feeling Helpful
Guys are masters. They like to know that they are good at doing things, and others have seen it. When you ask a person for help or advice, you are telling him that you trust his point of view. The man tried to do everything possible to solve the problem. Don’t let him do it yourself, but contact your people to solve the specific problems they can help you with. You will feel closer soon.
The thinking process of men is sometimes simpler than that of women. For example, men really just want to know that they are pleasing you. Therefore, rest assured that he is satisfied with his words and deeds. Even if you want to get something specific from him, you can tell him and let him feel at ease, so that he will be more motivated to achieve it. Try to tell him how much you love when you say or do something, not what you want him to do. This small change will create a warm motivation between you.
Having their back
Guys think in a teamwork way. They want to know wherever you are serving them. Show your man that you support him will help him feel safe and hope to be more committed to you. When he struggles or fails, seeing that you still think he is strong and capable will give him the confidence to try again. Successful men always have strong support for women.
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