What Causes Butt Acne And How Can We Treat Them?

Acne can be uncomfortable no matter where it forms on your body. And unfortunately, your butt isn’t immune to those troublesome red bumps. Butt acne is a little bit different from facial acne, both in what causes it and how it’s treated.

What are some of the causes of butt acne?

Butt acne is not truly acne — it is, in fact, most often due to inflammation around hair follicles known as folliculitis, or an irritation secondary to chronic rubbing, which can come with wearing tight-fitting clothes or even waxing. It usually appears as small, shallow bumps that tend to be itchy or painful, but can occasionally develop into larger, cyst-like clusters if they get unruly.

Here are some tips on how you can prevent and treat butt acne:

1. Shower after a workout
Leaving the sweat and dirt on your skin after a workout can be a big contributor to butt acne. Make sure you hop in the shower as soon as possible after a sweat session. If you’re wearing tight workout pants, it’s especially important. You’ll also want to make sure to wash workout clothes after each use.

2.Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of a tree in Australia. It’s been used for many years to treat different skin infections and wounds. Studies have shown that it’s effective in killing bacteria and may be almost as effective as benzoyl peroxide for treating acne.

3. Wear loose-fitting clothing
Normally, bacteria sits on the skin, but tight-fitting clothing can rub the bacteria back down into the pores, causing breakouts. You might consider taking a break from spandex or skinny jeans in favor of a looser and more breathable bottom. Choose clothes carefully, especially underwear, made from natural cotton if you can.

4. Sit on a warm washcloth
Wet a washcloth with warm, but not too hot, water. Gently place the damp cloth over the area on your butt that’s having an outbreak of acne. The warmth will be soothing and may help to open pores and draw out some of the bacteria and pus.

5. Use zinc creams
Creams containing the mineral zinc have also been shown to help reduce acne symptoms.

6. Exfoliate
Using a luffa, also known as a loofah, or a mild exfoliating wash helps get rid of dead skin cells and dirt that could contribute to clogged follicles and infection.

If these treatments don’t work for you, it might be wise to seek out medical attention.


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