What Your Favourite Colour Says About Your Personality

We always had an instinctive curiosity towards learning about everything. There has been a lot of focus on understanding fundamentals for sciences, history, economics, you name it. But we have always strived to understand a subject even more complex: the human mind. The uniqueness of each human mind makes it almost impossible to have a set of rules that applies to everyone. However, preferences we might have can be linked to our overall behaviour. In this article, we will be talking about characteristics of our personalities based on what our favourite colour is. We will focus on the primary colours and their close variations.


“Black is a colour to be taken seriously” (What Your Favorite Color Says About You, 2018).

  • People whose favourite colour is black are people who look for power and control.
  • They are perceived as serious, almost intimidating (Myers, 2018).
  • They want to be seen by their internal qualities rather than their outward appearance by wearing black clothing.
  • It suggests a person’s independent and mysterious nature (Peck, 2020), which sometimes is used to mask their emotions.
  • Known as private, their thoughts and feelings are only shared with close friends and relatives.


The colour white also has a close relation to purity, birth, and innocence (Peck, 2020).

  • People who favour white are very organized, independent, and logical in the way they solve problems (Myers, 2018).
  • They are known to be optimistic and focus on the bright side of life (What Your Favorite Color Says About You, 2018).
  • They strive to find peace, even though they can be very uptight and self-righteous, which results in them not being very popular within their circle of friends (This Is What Your Favorite Color Says About You, 2019).
  • Their nature can be condescending, which does more harm than good.


The colour red is closely related to passion, desire, and aggression.

  • People whose favourite colour is red are outgoing and adventurous. They enjoy being the centre of attention and have very intense feelings.
  • They are not afraid of letting others know about their feelings, whether they are good or bad (Myers, 2018).
  • Doing over speaking is their motto, taking a very action-oriented style in their lives (This Is What Your Favorite Color Says About You, 2019).
  • As natural born leaders, they are respected by people easily.


The colour blue symbolises peace and tranquillity and is the most popular colour.

  • People whose favourite colour is blue are reliable, calm, and loyal. They are level-headed and can operate under pressure.
  • They are people who think about others and put their needs before their own, finding fulfilment in being of service (Myers, 2018).
  • Finding inner peace and absolute truth is necessary to live their lives through their ideals and beliefs.
  • Self-destructive behaviour can be developed as they can find expectations and outperforming themselves too hard to handle (This Is What Your Favorite Color Says About You, 2019).


The colour green represents nature, good luck, and fertility. On the other hand, it also represents jealousy and greed (Peck, 2019).

  • People whose favourite colour is green consider their reputation and the way society perceives them as very important, and lead an active public life.
  • They have strong time management skills due to their ability to quickly prioritise.
  • Open minded and curious, always looking to learn new things and becoming more knowledgeable.
  • They stand their ground on their opinions, and do not believe anyone of anything easily. However, if they do, they will do it very strongly.


Yellow is the colour of happiness, sunshine, and laughter (What Your Favorite Color Says About You, 2018).

  • People whose favourite colour is yellow love to share with others, but also have a focus on expressing their individuality.
  • They are very light-hearted and have a very positive outlook but tend to go overboard with their optimism.
  • Very happy and difficult to make sad, but when it happens, they can be in that mood for several days, making them difficult to manage when depressed.
  • They are spontaneous and willing to take action, giving them an advantage over people who are indecisive (Myers, 2018).


This colour represents energy, warmth, and enthusiasm. It gives a party-like vibe (What Your Favorite Color Says About You, 2018).

  • People whose favourite colour is orange like to socialise. They aim to be accepted and respected in a group of people.
  • Just like people who favour yellow, they are very optimistic, always expecting wonderful things to happen (Myers, 2018).
  • They have a black and white perspective to live, either going after something with everything they have, or not going after it at all.
  • They are very productive people who like to work and get things done (Bell, 2020).


Purple is a colour associated with power, royalty, spirituality, and prestige (Bell, 2020), due to their history where only monarchs and high class persons could afford purple clothing.

  • People whose favourite colour is purple are helpful to others but require significant emotional security in their lives.
  • They are creative people and love unique things, making them want to stand out of a group (Bell, 2020).
  • Known to be very unpredictable, so dealing with them can be either very easy or extremely difficult.
  • They are very balanced, having both charisma and a cool exterior, making it easy for them to climb to the top (This Is What Your Favorite Color Says About You, 2019).


The colour pink symbolises femininity, love, playfulness, and to a certain extent, immaturity (Bell, 2020).

  • People whose favourite colour is pink express themselves very well and believe in being loved and accepted unconditionally (Peck, 2020).
  • They are very compassionate to those closest to them and are very dependable when others need emotional support.
  • This colour is the most calming and sedative one, which is why some prisons and mental institutes paint their walls pink to reduce aggression (What Your Favorite Color Says About You, 2018).
  • They prioritise love, family, and kindness above everything else.


Grey is associated with balance, being neither dark or light.

  • People whose favourite colour is grey usually prefer not to be the centre of attention.
  • They are known as very mature people, but are difficult to characterise due to the nature of the colour.
  • Their taste is very modern and sophisticated (Peck, 2020).
  • They are naturally fair, and can see problems objectively without letting personal feelings affecting the decision taken.

To conclude this article, the preferences that we might have are clues that helps us understand more about ourselves. Colour psychology is only one of the many psychology studies that have the objective of linking our tendencies with our personalities. Favouring any one of the colours mentioned above can give an idea or understanding of your personality and might even give you a hint of a feature in your personality that you were not aware of. At the same time, these descriptions might not fit you since they are general tendencies, and as mentioned before, each person is unique.



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